Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daddy and Ines meeting Dora at 'Touch a Truck"


  1. So so sweet. Must be wonderful for you Nick to be able to take your gorgeous little girl out and see the happiness on her beautiful face. Such special memories. Nanny Annie

  2. what on earth is 'Touch a Truck'? - if it's what I think it is then Rachel & Phil would coin it with 'Touch a tractor/JCB/Digger..'

  3. It is what you think it is, I think... The title is purely descriptive. Fire trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, builders trucks & straying a little from the theme, an ambulance & a school bus, too. Ines 'drove' the bus, tooted the horn & generally shied away from an admittedly intimidating Dora. Look how tiny Ines appears to be, by comparison (no, not to me).

    Nanny Annie, she loved it, such a gleeful (willful) little thing. It's great that we have these pictures, we've not been great at video-ing auspicious moments, but I look at the blog more than anyone, love it.